Guided Battlefield Tours

Based in Newport, and as the name suggests, this organisation provides expert tours to key World War I & World War II sites mainly located in Northern France & Belgium.

First Encounter

Steve and Susan approached us originally because they were unhappy with the charges they were issued by their original website consultants for making what they felt were minor changes to their website. Every time a change was made a charge was encountered making the operation of their website unfeasible.

Obviously there is a labour cost associated with updating a client’s website but for us we always feel that providing a certain level of after sales service is part of the package and that any regular on-going support needs to be discussed and agreed in the early stages of any project and associated costs made clear, so that customers are not disillusioned. They are then in a position to decide for themselves how the website is to be managed – either by themselves, by us, or whether it is a shared responsibility. We therefore discussed with them their ongoing requirements and then agreed an appropriate package which the business could sustain.


As our relationship developed with both Steve and Susan we were able to gain a further appreciation and understanding of the service that their business was providing and as such were able to advise on how they could improve the functionality of their website. Our main aim was to improve the navigation around their website so that those browsing could find what they were looking for quickly.

It had become evident that keywords, which drew the attention of those browsing, were not clear or prominent enough and as such they felt that they were missing sales opportunities. A further impact of this is that Google was not ranking the website favourably due to the inefficient links within the site and the lack of keywords relevant to the Tours on offer.

There were several key areas which therefore needed attention to improve the efficiency of the site and as such our redesign project began.

Steve and Susan have exceptional knowledge of their business and the service they provide. They had many excellent ideas and an abundance of information for each Tour which we could then draft appropriately to improve the SEO of each page.

Within the main navigation bar running along the top section of each page, Drop Down menus were included to guide the browser so they get to the right page first time. To compliment this, a Left Hand Navigation Bar was also included which was in the form of two Images each highlighting World War I and II respectively. The website was now more alive and interactive.

Each page was then drafted to include textual content and images, plus Hover Buttons to click to Order a Brochure or make an Enquiry. We also incorporated a Tabular system for each Tour page, allowing content to be organised into sections to avoid an overload of information. This allows the browser to take charge of what they want to read and it maintains their interest. Guided Battlefield Tours


The organic SEO results for Guided Battlefield Tours has improved significantly when compared to last year and the site is regularly positioned between 3rd + 5th place on page 1 of Google.

The impact of this on the business has been significant, with sales of tours increasing year on year. Feedback from customers has been very complimentary – they feel they get added value from the site as it is so informative thus helping them to plan their break and exploit all the aspects that each tour offers unreservedly.