Pancake World

When Loic Moinin first contacted us for assistance with the website for his business Pancake World, we knew it was going to be a good day – who doesn’t like pancakes?

The business derives its origins from the successful Cardiff based pancake business La Creperie de Sophie which caters for Corporate Events, Weddings, Private Parties, Markets and Festivals.

Distributing a range of specialist mixes and pancake making equipment from its bakery & warehouse near Bridgend, Pancake World now supplies an approximate 200 outlets both nationwide and internationally, sending pancake mixes and equipment as far afield as Nigeria!

Loic’s initial enquiry was regarding WooCommerce – the eCommerce facility within WordPress and as leading practitioners of this Content Management System, we felt more than confident that we would be able to offer him the help that he was looking for.


The business was already represented on the Internet via an existing website, however, the options to purchase were complex and did not always function correctly, causing inefficiencies within the business and customer service failings. Action was therefore necessary.

However, during the initial briefing it also became apparent that there were some doubts about the brand identity and the representation of the product on the existing website. Further discussions took place and a full Branding exercise was undertaken to identify the target market as well as the profile of the individuals within this market, and also to ensure correct product placement and that communication used on the site was appropriate.

Conclusions drawn from this activity were that there was a necessity to relaunch the website to encompass these new concepts and to also feature the new logo which we had been commissioned to create for the business. There was a need for a vibrant, symbolic design, which was eye-catching, and a true reflection of the actual product itself and this is what we delivered.pancake-world-logo

The functionality of the original site was also something that Loic wanted to address. So within the new design we made sure that Navigation Bars were clear and obvious to browsers and that Call to Actions were an immediate draw, as soon a visitor landed on the homepage. Content of each page has been optimised so that the Search Engines quickly recognize the keywords included and that the detail was totally relevant to browsers within this market. With ranking order always being of significance to clients, SEO is forever high on our agenda when preparing a site for Internet launch, so we ensure a flawless approach when preparing each page.

With the Internet now being accessed from all mobile devices we have also made sure that the site was compatible with any screen size – automatically adjusting each time to suit the device through which it is being browsed (also known as responsive design). Additionally, in an attempt to give the site longevity it has been built to allow significant increases in scale so that when additional information is added, as the business grows, the performance will be maintained and still load quickly and operate proficiently.



The eCommerce facility which was the initial area of concern, was also addressed with the site now incorporating a shopping cart, together with payment options and delivery details. When trading on the Internet it is necessary in some cases to take credit payment details from clients – a full Security Review was therefore also undertaken to ensure that there were no opportunities for exploitation by those attempting illegal access to the site. The consumer therefore now has the ability to browse and buy if they so wish, with full confidence that the product will be with them soon and any personal details exchanged will be stored safely and securely.

Feedback already received has been extremely positive with orders now being processed effectively and efficiently – this in itself being a strong indicator that the Pancake World website is now successfully fulfilling its objectives.