Company History

Traveland is a family run business which was first established in 1984.  For over 50 years the Principal Directors have travelled on, and enjoyed, cruise holidays from Southampton provided by leading companies such as P & O Cruises and Princess Cruises.

The organisation also employs a number of highly skilled and trained staff, so the expertise for cruising within this business is therefore undeniable.

Development of Existing Site

Capturing all of this information and translating it into an effective website, to help advise and inform customers as well as they could personally, was a challenge that Traveland needed assistance with and this was the reason for contacting us, at South Wales Web Solutions.

Since the design and development of the original Traveland website (shown in the image above), the ability of browsers to navigate the Internet has progressed significantly, meaning that their site no longer satisfied the needs of those wanting to access information about cruising online.  The site, whilst being informative, did not allow the filtering of information for customers to match their specific needs.  Certain cruise liners only travel at certain times of the year, and also to specific destinations and this was something that Traveland wanted visitors to their site to have access to – the ability for visitors to see the various options available to them which would assist them in the booking process.

This was the most important aspect for Traveland as satisfying customers is paramount to them.  As such, we presented the idea of having a Cruise Finder not only on the Home page but on every page. When browsing throughout the site, visitors can then, at any time begin to search for their cruise options drawing on the information they have just read.

The Cruise Finder (shown in the image centre right) is effectively a series of drop down windows which allows the browser to search using key data including: the Operator, Ship, Date, Duration and Destination and being positioned in the Golden Triangle means guaranteed focus from browsers.  By utilising this process it gives the potential client a list of results that they can then contact Traveland directly about, to confirm pricing and hopefully, ultimately book.Traveland Database

Having a Contact Us form working in conjunction with the Cruise Finder was the next consideration.  This allows questions to be delivered directly to the business via email and then responded to quickly, allowing staff to engage with customers immediately and assist them with their travel arrangements.  It also had the dual purpose of generating a database of clients or potential clients to whom Traveland could then directly market.

As well as gathering client details from the Contact Us facility, it was also felt worthwhile to offer a Newsletter, which would inform clients about the latest news relevant to cruise holidays.  Again this acts as a tool to build the Traveland database so that marketing activities could be targeted to those interested parties.

Interaction with customers is obviously of significant importance to a service company such as Traveland, as information is constantly changing and by embedding these facilities into the website, it allows for the additional customer service that Traveland want to offer.  However, some information is consistent for every holiday and as such it was felt that it would be worthwhile to present a Frequently Asked Questions section.  This information has been captured in a series of drop-down toggle buttons (shown in the image bottom right), which allows the browser to just view the answers they wish to know. Therefore, once again simplifying the process for them and allowing them to access only the information they want to see.questions

For visual impact each page was then wrapped with a full width header and double footer, to grab attention and draw the browser to focus on the information held between these two sections and interact with the buttons and drop down menus held within.

The Results

For Traveland the results have been substantial.  They now not only have a far more user-friendly website but one that generates information, as well as providing it.  It can be updated with ease by staff so that this information is relevant and of the moment. This has resulted in a significant increase in enquiries, which have proved to be of a much better quality and as such successfully converted into sales.