Invergordon Bus Tours Scotland

When this business first approached us, we were pleasantly surprised that our reputation had travelled to the far reaches of Scotland. Invergordon Bus Tours operates from the Scottish Highlands offering a variety of tours to cruise liner guests arriving at port.

Many of these cruise liners have passengers from many international backgrounds and as such it was important to allow them to be able to access the site. So a language translate option was required to allow this. Interactive Flag icons in the top right hand corner were therefore part of the design to facilitate this.

Also within this prime spot of the Home page the Trip Advisor logo was included to link to their site. The business has had so many good reviews from its clients, it was felt that this was a great way to promote the services they offered. Also within the homepage are clear visuals of each tour provided, allowing the browser to easily identify a tour of interest.

Once on the tour page of choice, the user now has the facility to not only review the details of the tour and the itinerary but also to fine tune the tour dates to list those available when they are in port. They can then select and book securely with PayPal.

Duncan Maclean, business owner was thrilled with the improved functionality of the site allowing browsers to complete the tour purchase quicker, making the whole process more efficient.

The package also included a redesign of the company logo, which is now a simple clear emblem, reflecting the international and local links that the business has established.