Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics.

Motion is movement and animation. It’s the way things move. Graphics are visual displays and images. They are all around us. Motion Graphics are moving images or moving graphic design. They include video, audio, film, digital signage and 3D elements.

Your Business.

Motion Graphics can enhance the marketing methods of your business as long as they are used in an appropriate way. They can advertise a new product or service; they can demonstrate how a product works; they can inform your customers about new developments and they can also entertain.

Motion Graphics.

We create motion graphics. We provide motion graphics that can enhance your business and help your business to stand out within your industry. We work with businesses in South Wales that are looking for ways of using motion graphics as part of their marketing.


The SWWS Motion Graphics Process

  • The Meeting Stage – We meet with you to discuss your motion graphics needs. We recommend a motion graphics solution based on this discussion.
  • The Planning Stage – We plan your motion graphics using wireframes and / or sketches. You provide us with feedback and we adjust our plan based on this feedback.
  • The Design Stage – We create the motion graphics required. You provide us with feedback. Based on this feedback, we adjust the motion graphics we have created.
  • The Go-Live Stage – We release the live version of your motion graphics. You are now able to use it on your website, on digital signage or on any other marketing methods your business uses.


That’s not the end of the process. We provide ongoing customer support to ensure that we can continue to provide you and your business with the web solutions that your business needs.

To arrange a meeting to discuss how we can help with your Motion Graphics needs, get in touch. We’d be more than happy to meet you either in our office in Porthcawl or at your workplace anywhere in South Wales.