We see them everywhere – a brand is seen through a logo, a website, product packaging, shop signage, work clothing. Brands help us to distinguish one company’s product or service from another.

Your Business.

Your business needs to stand out from your competitors. Your business products and / or services need to have their own brands. You need your business to be instantly recognisable by your customers. Your branding needs to reflect your business – your business goals, your business aspirations, your business history.


We create branding solutions. We work with many different companies within South Wales to create the branding solution that suits them. Your branding is unique to your business. We ensure that your branding solution is exactly what your business needs.

The SWWS Branding Process

  • The Meeting Stage – We meet with you to discuss your goals. We build up a picture of you and your business in order to understand your business needs.
  • The Planning Stage – We guide you through some branding exercises to discover the best method to represent your business in a visual way as well as ensuring the correct tone of voice is used.
  • The Design Stage – We create your branding solution. This could include creating a logo, designing business stationery, building a website – the solution will depend on what was decided at The Planning Stage.
  • The Preview Stage – We show you a preview of your branding solution. You provide us with feedback and we then adjust our design based on your feedback.
  • The Go-Live Stage – We release the final version of your branding solution. You can now start using this in your business marketing and start making your customers aware of the new look and feel for your business.


Our support continues long after The Go-Live Stage has been completed. We aim to ensure that we can provide the solutions that you and your business needs with all of your branding and design requirements.

Whether you have a new or existing business, let us help you with your business branding. Give us a call at our office in Porthcawl and we can arrange a meeting anywhere in the South Wales area.