Fashion and Design Websites: The importance of on-trend colour

For owners of fashion and design websites, it’s really important that you keep your website up to date to reflect the latest style trends.

Like any other form of design, graphic and website design specialists pay close attention to on-trend colours. Lee Thompson and Steve Protheroe, the design-team behind Wales-based web design team SWWS, say that just like any other design and fashion professionals, they keep a close eye on Pantone’s seasonal colour charts for inspiration.

Pantone, almost universally recognised as the colour specialists, recently launched their 2019 Spring/Summer Colour Collection, setting a trend for bright, warm tones. Fashion or interior design websites should pay close attention and update their website ‘look and feel’ in early 2019 to reflect the latest trends and designs – and possibly even add a sweep of the latest colour to your website.

pantone colours 2019 wales web design

Pantone’s ‘It’ colour of 2019, Living Coral is already making moves in the interior design world, emerging as a cheerful and versatile hue that adds personality to all parts of the home, but it is only one of the colours on the latest palette which is likely to dominate fashion and design trends in the first half of 2019.  Already being modelled by Gigi Hadid on the catwalk, the colour is growing in popularity among interior designers too:

coral to feature in design- websites and interiors
Image: – showing off Spring’s latest splash of vibrant colour

Fashion and Interior design website owners will already be ordering their Spring collections – however Steve says they should also think about updating their websites, too, to avoid being labelled ‘out of date’:

“Fashion and design websites should note the new colours and make sure their website is bang on-trend – just as you regularly dress your shop window, any website in the fashion industry needs to be kept constantly up to date.”

“For e-commerce websites which sell online, this can be as easy as updating your stock, but also consider adding a splash of the latest colour elsewhere on your site, and refresh your content with blog posts about the latest trends, too – if you don’t have time, we can help with that, minor image changes or quick color fixes cost very little and can really help improve your sales – and our blog writing team will be happy to write a post about the latest trends that will help your SEO too.“

Lee adds:

“Of course, it works the other way too. Your website and business premises should offer synergy, so if you have chosen on-trend colours for your website, continue the theme with a splash of that colour in your window displays, or with a throw casually draped on a chair in the office.

“Colour continuation is something that top branding professionals use liberally – while their advice may be out of the reach of many of our customers, you can use their tips and tricks – we certainly do!”

If you would like any help and advice on updating your website to reflect the latest colour trends, please get in touch.