They can be used in many different ways within the business world – to showcase newly released products, to train others how to use equipment and machinery, to give product demonstrations, to record and replay seminars, speeches and public events.

Your Business.

Video can help to enhance your marketing methods by it’s very nature of communicating directly with your audience. Video can help you to stand out from your competitors, share your knowledge and expertise and provide your customers with an engaging means of communication.

Video Production.

We produce videos. We can produce videos that get your business message across in an appropriate manner. Videos we produce can become a valued part of your marketing approach. Video production can include 3D elements, animation and motion graphics.


The SWWS Video Production Process

  • The Meeting Stage – We arrange a meeting with you where we can discuss your goals, expectations and the use of video production for your business needs. We recommend a solution based on your business goals and needs.
  • The Planning Stage – Depending on the solution agreed at The Meeting Stage, we produce storyboards and / or sketches for your video. You provide feedback and we adjust our storyboards and / or sketches based on your feedback.
  • The Design Stage – Once the storyboard has been finalised, we will produce your video. Throughout this stage, we liaise with you to find the best outcome for your video production.
  • The Go-Live Stage – We release the final version of your video. You can now start using your completed video as part of your business’ marketing.


But the process we follow doesn’t stop there. Once the Go-Live Stage has been completed, we will help you to determine the best output for your video that will fit in with your business goals. We will also continue to support you and your business with your video production needs.

To find out how video production can enhance your business, get in touch with us at our Porthcawl office. We can then discuss how we can help you and your own South Wales based business.